Tija Tony (D/O Tony Jose) from SMC Cork, won prize on the 23rd Day Marian Quiz organised by Syro Malabar Catholic Church, Ireland. Congratulations to her on behalf of Cork Syro Malabar Church and Chaplain Fr. Sibi Arackal. Dany Siby (S/O Mr. Siby Thomas) and Chris Thomas (S/O Mr. Thomaskutty Varghese (Bose) were other two winners on different days. Best wishes to all the children from our community, who participate daily in Marian Quiz and their hard work is appreciable.

Children’s Marian Quiz is conducted on daily basis from October 1st -31st. Entry to the Quiz will open from 5pm – 10pm. Only one entry per person is allowed. A link will be shared in the catechism children’s group daily, to complete. There are 5 questions to answer and prizes will be given to the very first 3 entries with right answers. For further details please contact our catechism teachers.

P. R. O- SMC Cork.